Serge Laforest


Funny, witty, daring, and always curious, Serge has been a part of the Montréal post-production scene for over 30 years now. In an effort to keep the hustle and bustle of downtown Montréal away from his studio, he aimed up, waaay up! to the 26th floor of the Stock Exchange Tour, where he orchestrates and conducts a team of talented artists with gusto and panache.

Martin Rouillard

Business Development

As one of the first to join the team, Martin has been at the heart of Audio Z’s evolution. A man of many talents, he’s accumulated multiple hats over the years, one over the other: sound engineer, musician, creative director, and business development. Gently driving the team forward into new territories.

Johan Chacon

General Manager / Sound Engineer

Johan Chacon was born in 1400 (Ref.: lived a full and loving life before passing away at young age. Luckily for us, in 1977 he reincarnated in El Salvador, immigrated to Quebec when he turned 10, became a brilliant sound engineer and fathered 3 adorable children. Life coach to many of us, he lifts all humans above his own persona and inspires Audio Z’s operations on a daily basis with his integrity, compassion and legendary kindness. HBO content specialist, zen podcast commuter and trust us, he is no gringo when it comes to mojitos and refried beans.

Vanessa Sansfaçon

Production coordinator

A mix of vibrancy, joie de vivre and a wicked sense of humour, all lovingly contained in one single person. It never quite feels like work when she’s around. When she’s not juggling the busy life of a producer, you can find her whipping other people into shape, trekking, or downing the occasional draft beer. Santé!

Stéphanie Rousseau

Production coordinator

With her infectious smile, good humour and enthusiasm, Stephanie sets the mood; all while handling our clients requests with poise and grace. Curious about culture and different parts of the world, she’s always ready to jump onto her next adventure. She can also exchange some serious old school hip hop rhymes with ya, if you’re up for the challenge!

Alexandre Corriveau

Sound Engineer

With his laid back attitude and clever sens of humour, Alex’s sessions are a welcome break from your stressful day. Methodical, resourceful, yet playful in his approach, he’s the perfect partner to ignite that creative spark. Favourite travel destination? Vegas baby!!! Did we mention his playfulness.

Luc Thériault

Sound Engineer

A graduate from McGill University’s Music and Sound recording programs, Luc joined the team in the mid 90s. Talented flutist, a teacher at heart, and an absolute workhorse, he’s been instrumental in expanding the studio into what it is today, as well as preparing a new generation of sound engineers and assistants for the challenges and discipline that make up a sound engineers life. And if you’re looking for camping suggestions throughout North America, he’s your man.

Stevo Trann

Media Distribution Director

In the pursuit of excellence, you need focus, drive, and straight out hard work. Stevo figured this out early on. Media Distribution Director, model, photographer, crossfitter and social media aficionado, Stevo pushes his multiple talents forward with authenticity. All while leading our Media department with brio. Look him up on Tweeter, Insta, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, MySpace …

Rémy Sealey

Sound And Music

A curious mind, a vivid imagination and solid musical sensibilities make Rémy a one-of-a-kind sound designer. A fearless explorer of the experimental side of creativity, he’s the guy to call if you’re looking to create that sound no one’s ever heard before. He also spends his weekends refining his martial arts chops! Let’s just say he can get you out of all kinds of trouble.

Mathieu Sansfaçon


A natural host and entertainer, Mathieu warms up our reception area with his contagious laugh and dark sens of humor. An unassuming fashionista, he’s the only one in the studio brave enough to pull off a decent hat. We’re not talking baseball caps here; we’re talking fedoras, pork pie hats, Panama hats, hats that are notoriously hard to get right. One day you might mistake him for Humphrey Bogart, the next for Walter White.

Mathieu Bourassa

Sound Engineer

Behind Mathieu’s calm and charming disposition, lies a rebel in disguise. The kind that might stroll the streets of Montreal at night on his skate board, dreams of jumping out of airplanes, and might just drink Gin straight out of a bottle; probably all to the beat of ‘Born to be wild’. A talented musician and sound engineer, Mathieu joins Audio Z freshly graduated with a Master’s from the prestigious McGill University Sound Recording Program.

Louis-Étienne Rossignol-Chiasson

Sound Technician

Lerc, as we like to call him for obvious reasons, runs the graveyard shift at Audio Z. Archiving the day’s work, prepping for the next day’s chaos, and extinguishing those last minute fires that tend to pop up in the world of post production. If you happen to call the studio at the end of the day, he’ll be the one to attend to your needs. If the thought of attempting to call him by his full name reminds you of Croatia’s national football team, just call him Lerc. That’s what we do.

Erick Gendron

Sound Engineer

Originally interested in becoming a paramedic, Erick finally turned his fascination to the surgical precision of creating sounds. Still devoted to the service of others, he’ll examine your sessions with great care and dedication, making the appropriate diagnosis to turn your creative emergency around. With a background in sound design and an authentic passion for sound, Erick’s the perfect complement to your creative team.

Axel Poulet

Sound Technician

Originally thought to be destined to become an english teacher in France, Axel chose instead to move to Montreal and follow his heart; fortunately for us. Meticulous and persistent, this Musitechnic graduate radiates daily with his contagious smile. His dream? To mix electronic music while eating Hawaiian four cheese pizza on Mars. Why not.

Niko Archambault

Sound Technician

Bio à venir

Zuoquan Wang

China Director

Mikiyo Yamagata

Business Development - Japan